What is the Firstly App? Your One-Stop Shop for Family Finances

At FirstlySM, we know that family goals are how we define and celebrate our lives. And the Firstly app is the first family budgeting app that makes financial planning easier for everyone, leading to less money stress and better financial outcomes.

Our flexible, customizable money management features include a two-person collaborative mode, so you and a family member can work together to define and set goals, as well as manage your day-to-day expenses.

Our unique set of tools help you see the big picture and build that big future, together. 

See all your accounts in one place

• With Firstly, you can see every bank account in one place and always have the big picture at your fingertips. You decide which accounts you want to include: checking and savings accounts, credit cards, investment accounts, mortgages and car loans, and more. 

• Share all your accounts with your partner or family member, or choose to keep some private to you.

• With all your essential accounts in one place, it's easy to track spending, pay bills and set and achieve big financial goals. With the Firstly app, you can build a solid financial foundation your family can depend on. 

• We work with the highest, bank-level security available, so your information is safe and protected.

Use Firstly on your phone and your computer

• You can see the big picture on a big screen — Firstly is available in both mobile and desktop versions, each with the same tools and views. So whether you're tracking spending on the go or sitting down to dig into your finances and make long-term plans, Firstly is there with the information you need, wherever you need it.

• Complete all your financial tasks in-app: Pay and schedule bills, review spending trends, check in on your savings goals, analyze your net worth and so much more. 

Save easily and automatically 

• Set savings goals for yourself or with another member of your family using the Firstly app's simple savings interface and watch your money automatically accrue. 

• Whether you are saving for college, retirement, vacations or something else entirely, Firstly will help you get there. Simply name your savings goal, set your savings rule and Firstly will automatically do the rest. All you have to do is watch as you reach your savings goals. 

• Firstly's savings are FDIC-insured up to $250,000, so you have peace of mind as well.

Other features in the Firstly app:

• Firstly supports more than 10,000 financial institutions, so you can sync all your individual and household accounts in one place. 

• Create custom budget categories to track your spending the way you want to see it — including the ability to split transactions and categorize the spending into separate categories.

• Search categorized transactions across all of your accounts.

• Add comments and reactions to share with your family members.

• Never miss paying a bill again: Firstly's automatic bill alert will send you reminders and keep track of what's been paid.

Have more questions? Head over to our FAQ.

Manage your money just the way you want to — and set you and your family up for success and financial wellness, with Firstly.